Alto Filing Cabinet Expand

Alto Full Height Custom Made 2-Door Wooden Cabinet


Custom Made Full Height Filing Cabinet.

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  • 80x40 H210
  • 100x40 H210
  • 120x40 H210
  • Half Glass Door
  • Full Height W/O Glass

AED 1,200

tax excl.

Product Detail

Custom Made Full Height Filing Cabinet

About Egger® Germany Wood Panels 


Laminate bonded boards are made of a wood-based support material (e.g. chipboard or MDF boards), onto which a decorative laminate is glued. An identical laminate is normally used on the front and reverse side. All decors in the EGGER collection can be combined with all the available support materials.

Abrasion, impact and scratch-resistant
Resistant and fit for purpose
Versatile in application
Large choice of decors

Egger Laminate

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Egger 3704

Egger 3363


Egger 3700

Egger 3006

Egger 1484

H3704 Tobacco Aida Walnut

H3363 Anthracite Highland Oak

H3012 Coco Bolo

H3700 Natural Pacific Walnut

H3006 Sand Zebrano

H1484 Brown Grey Avola

Egger 3302

Egger 1146

Egger 3090

Egger 3310

Egger H1199

Egger W1000

H3302 Brown Nautic Oak

H1146 Grey Bardolino Oak

H3090 Shorewood

H 3310 Nautic Eiche white washed

H1199 Black-Brown Thermo Oak.

W1000 Premium White

Emilam® Wood Panels

Emilan 312

Emilan 401

Emilan 301

Emilan 365

Emilan Silver Gray

Emilan Designer White

MF312 Fresh Cherry

MF401 Canadian Mapple

MF301 Golden Beach

MF365 Fancy Walnut

MF131 Silver Gray

MF101 Designer White

Height 210
Width 80
Depth 40