New Diamond Cluster of 6 Workstation Expand

[EXPRESS] Diamond Cluster of 6x Face to Face Workstation Desk

Diamond Series


Cluster of 6 Face to Face with Fabric Covered Partition

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  • W140 x D70 x H75
  • W160 x D80 x H75

AED 6,950

tax excl.

Product Details

Cluster of 6 Face to Face Workstation

Material & Finishing Options

Egger® Germany Eurodekor Melamine Faced Chipboard

Laminate bonded boards are made of a wood-based support material (e.g. chipboard or MDF boards), onto which a decorative laminate is glued. An identical laminate is normally used on the front and reverse side. All decors in the EGGER collection can be combined with all the available support materials.

Egger Laminate


Authentic surface textures, such as Feelwood synchronised pore Optimal surface properties (such as abrasion and scratch resistance) in accordance with EN14322 Easy to clean Many other products available in the decor and texture combination


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Egger 3700

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Pacific Walnut

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